Express One’s Self Honestly

The courses of my academic life have been quite different from the ones of my classmates, whom are well-behaved and have good performance in their studies. You can say I “played” through my school life because I believe “Through learning in different ways, it leads to the same consequence.” This is also the best sentence to describe my learning attitude. Regardless of being in school, I seized every chance to participate in club activities and to serve. What surprises me is that the experience from club activities and my after-school job had become the turning point of my academic life and further more. I noticed that there’s no certain function, rule or even solution to a successful activity. There is also no standard to follow. Only through asking questioning constantly can one find the most suitable solution. The keys are hidden in the process of inquiry and through the process, one can learn much more than what the answers can provide. I deem it a truth that “The right questions are more important than the right answers.” Based on this understanding, I have adjusted my learning attitude, which was so eager to find the answers, especially under the stress of tests. When I found that my later-on improvement was actually inspired by the thinking process when I came up a question, I came to a deeper understanding suddenly.

In addition, a man who has significantly influenced the person I have become is my professor, Yen-Liang Chen. In school he strives for excellence and achieves it. He is committed, driven and self-confident. Emotionally, he is the strongest person I know. Follow by his instruction, I have published papers in some prestigious journals, like Decision Support Systems, Expert Systems with Application and IEEE TKDE, as well as developed the ability to think independent, which is also an important asset that a PhD should possess.

My drive, self-confidence and willingness to chance failure have allowed me to take on challenges others might not consider. These challenges define my life by constantly providing inspiration. Though doing research is tough, it never subdue my enthusiasm. On the contrary, it make me stronger, more determine and more confident to face the challenge of future works.

Last but not least, I need to express my deep appreciation to you for spending your valuable time for me to share my views.

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